Tizen Developer Conference

based in Portland, OR.

Caffelli was charged with designing branded materials (brochures, digital and print signage...everything) for the 2013 & 14 Tizen Developers Conference. I took on the task of animating a sequence using Tizen's new branding for a 50ft wide projection on the main stage at the event. The Tizen identity was created by an agency in London using actual folded paper, and they created flat Photoshop and Illustrator assets. However, there was no reference for 3D besides the flat image, so I had to re-create everything using bend deformers in Cinema 4D. I started out with storyboards, and the most challenging part (besides navigating rendering time issues), was deriving the actual shape of one of the flat 'petals' of the pinwheel. More info on Tizen: https://www.tizen.org/


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