Instant Action

I designed an e-commerce site for video games, delivered in the browser. It never launched, and ended up being discontinued by Interactive Corp, the primary source of funding. I had to give a lot of thought towards expandability, as the site was supposed to support thousands of games. I also gave the homepage a facelift, designed a couple satellite pages for iPhone games (MarbleBlast and Flipt), countless avatars, flash banner advertisements, and a UI re-design for the game Fallen Empire: Legions. The Secret of Monkey Island: SE by LucasArts was the first game to use IA's embed tech; the first embed-able video game ever. Since it was a small company and I was the lead visual designer, I also designed the company business cards, created designs for game conference displays, and was one of the designers involved in the re-branding.

More Projects

Adidas on
Creative Direction, UX/UI Design, Photography
Adizero Rush
3D Animation
Adizero Facebook Tab
UX/UI Design
Skullcandy - Mix Master Mike
2D Animation & Video Editing
Monster Headphones & Cable
Art Direction, Packaging Design
Play Legions
Product Design, UX/UI
Xbox - Star Wars PR kit
3D Modeling
Bowflex Wellness Labs
Creative Direction, UX/UI Design
Creative Direction & Animation
Rockband Dashboard
Creative Direction, UX/UI Design
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